About Sectors

Here’s  a quick rundown of the sorts of posts that the different sector categories cover, just to give you an idea.

Health: Academic studies that link the IMD to health issues, as well as official NHS reports.

National Government: Past and present central government spending allocations (including other departments, e.g. NHS spending) and funds targeted involving the IMD, as well as official government reports that use it. Also use of the IMD by politicians.

Local Government: Local authority spending and funds targeted with IMD, as well as its use for other purposes such as area profiling, needs assessment, evaluation, supporting bids and so on.

Media: Press mentions of the Indices, whether in referring to research or just used to describe an area.

Commercial Sector: Private companies that use the IMD to create a product or assess their social impact.

Academics/Research: Miscellaneous research and studies that use IMD. This could be anything from a data blog to a journal article.

Social Sector: Charities, think tanks and pressure groups that might use the IMD to target spending, assess need, evaluate programs or support an argument.

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