Health planning with SHAPE

SHAPE (Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation) is:

“a web enabled, evidence based application which informs and supports the strategic planning of services and physical assets across a whole health economy.”

or in other words, an online mapping tool freely provided by Public Health England for Local Authorities and health professionals at various levels within the NHS. It’s designed for use by planners and managers in all sorts of roles (more information here) and suggested uses run from investigating local health outcomes and supporting JSNA (Joint Strategic Needs Assessments) to investigating the impact of service redesign and siting new facilities.

It shows health providers and catchment areas on an interactive map, as well as useful info like travel time zones and combines this with health and demographic indicators as well as socioeconomic indicators such as the Indices of Deprivation.


There are dozens of suggested uses in the literature on the promotional site but it would be really interesting to hear some real life examples – if you’ve used the indices of deprivation through SHAPE please get in touch and let us know what you used the data for.


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