A public health report: Brighton and Hove

This report has some great examples of how the IMD can be used in public health reports to show area inequalities and highlight places of greatest need. It also has some excellent data visualisations. Click on the images to view in larger size.

This neatly illustrates the different domains of the IMD and their relative weightings:

screenshot-docs.google.com 2015-08-26 09-53-14

This one demonstrates mental health inequalities between the most and least deprived areas in Brighton (slightly incorrectly deemed most affluent):


This compares Brighton and Hove’s population by IMD with the average for the South East:


This i360 inspired graphic breaks down deprivation in Brighton and Hove by domain. As you can see the city is at or worse than the England average for all domains except education:

screenshot-www.brighton-hove.gov.uk 2015-08-26 09-57-30


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