Poverty, Ethnicity and Place

This report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation analysed the link between area deprivation, poverty and ethnicity in England, drawing on existing research. They found that ethnic minorities were concentrated in deprived areas relative to non-deprived areas:

“The proportion of ethnic minority people living in deprived neighbourhoods (according to IMD scores) is approximately twice as high as the percentage living elsewhere in a city”

They also noted that minorities seem to suffer more adverse effects from living in deprived areas than those who are ‘white british’, citing a 2007 study that found that “living in places with higher IMD scores had negative effects on labour market prospects for men in 13 of the 16 minority groups relative to white UK men”

This a great example of how deprivation statistics and research can be used to analyse trends within deprived areas themselves, for example revealing unequal outcomes within different groups in deprived areas.


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