Changes in relative deprivation – visualisations from the Research Report

Chapter 5 of the recently released official research report for IMD 2015 looks at changes in relative deprivation between different versions of the indices. 2015-10-02 12-53-38

The report notes that overall 58% of LSOAs did not change decile and that this was more pronounced at the extreme ends of the distribution where there was less movement. It also looked at the 10 local authorities with the highest proportion of LSOAs in the most deprived decile and recorded relative change as a percentage point: 2015-10-02 13-01-34

While Nottingham experienced a significant increase in the proportion of bottom decile LSOAs, Liverpool and Manchester show significant reductions.

The report also included visualisations that compare the most deprived local authority districts change across time between all 4 sets of indices from 2004 to 2015. This shows the change in average rank over time, highlighting examples that have decreased or increased by more than 5 ranks since the 2010 index: 2015-10-02 13-09-02

The report also has visualisations for change in average score, change in proportion of LSOAs in most deprived decile, change in extent of deprivation summary and change in local concentration summary – have a look at chapter 5 to see these.


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